STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Boys and Girls Club Malibu honors student Irina

In honor of National Mental Health Awareness Month in May, the Boys & Girls Club Malibu honors Irina, a 10th-grader who shared her firsthand experience overcoming anorexia, immigrating to America as a young child, and her evolving mental health journey.

Since joining BGCM in 2019 and immigrating from Romania, Irina has become an advocate for the club’s mental health programming and provided her with emotional support during her transition into the U.S. Irina is now interning at the club’s Wellness Center and is inspired to work in the psychiatric field to give back and help others because of the club’s support and services.

Boys & Girls Club of Malibu (BGCM) has recognized the need for an increase in mental health support through stories like Irina’s — and has been a cornerstone of support by offering free early intervention, mental health services and providing a safe and supportive environment for youth in Malibu and its surrounding communities. 

Irina Headshot
Local 10th-grader Irina has overcome anorexia and dealing with immigrating to a new country at a young age, thanks in part to the Boys & Girls Club Malibu. Contributed Photo
Samantha Bravo
Samantha Bravo
Samantha Bravo is an inspiring photojournalist based in Los Angeles California. She began her journalism career at Pierce College Media Arts Department.Twitter @samanthavbravo

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