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The Malibu Times was established in 1946 by Reeves Templeman and William Macfadyen. It was acquired by publishers Arnold and Karen York in 1987. The first newspaper in Malibu, The Times remains committed to providing thousands of Malibu locals and millions of Malibu visitors the news and information they want and need to make the most of their Malibu lifestyle and experience. Now available online (malibutimes.com) and providing daily updates via the Malibu Times Daily E-Newsletter, The Malibu Times’ content is more timely, reader friendly and available than ever before.

On November 1, 2021, husband and wife owners of 13 Stars Media — Nic and Hayley Mattson — acquired The Malibu Times with Hayley taking the lead role as Publisher, and Nic continuing to develop and future-proof the company and the publications it serves.

The couple hails from the Paso Robles area, specializing in print newspapers and magazines, digital publishing, and community service.

The Malibu Times enjoys longterm relationships with hundreds of advertisers which have enjoyed a healthy return on their advertising investment, while welcoming new advertising partners daily. In addition to offering a wide range of print and online products and packages, The Times now optimizes advertisers’ exposure, utilizing a proprietary process that digitizes and places all display ads on the internet — increasing customers’ online visibility, traffic and advertising effectiveness.

As a legally adjudicated newspaper for the County of Los Angeles Judicial District, The Malibu Times publishes DBAs, FBNS, name changes, Los Angeles County notices, probates, trustee sales, ABC notices, summons and more. The Malibu Times is also the official newspaper for all City of Malibu legal notices.

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Hayley Mattson, Publisher

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