‘Run Malibu’ donates $59,046 to Boys & Girls Club of Malibu

Malibu City Mayor Paul Grasinti (left), Councilmember Karen Farrer, and Run Malibu Director Erica Segel (far right) presented a $59,046 check to the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu CEO and Director Kasey Earnest (center). Photo courtesy Run Malibu.

The 14th Annual “Run Malibu” half-marathon and 5K event held at Zuma Beach during the first weekend of November was a win-win for everyone involved — the 4,500 people who registered to participate, the 3,200 people who showed up, and the 120 kids in the Fun Run, along with family members and spectators. The race has sold out for the last five years in a row.

“It was an all-time record,” said Erica Segel, race director for the past seven years of the event. “It’s so wonderful to see our partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Malibu (BGCM) growing over the years.”

Last Tuesday, Nov. 8, a special ceremony was held at the BGCM Teen Center (behind Malibu High School), with Segel presenting a giant check for $59,046 to Kasey Earnest, BGCM’s chief executive officer. Malibu Mayor Paul Grisanti and City Councilmember Karen Farrer were also present, along with staff and club members.

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Malibu City Mayor Paul Grasinti (left), Councilmember Karen Farrer, and Run Malibu Director Erica Segel (far right) presented a $59,046 check to the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu CEO and Director Kasey Earnest (center). Photo by Julie Ellerton/TMT.

The Run Malibu event raises money primarily through runner registration fees, but also from beverage sales, a beer garden and online donations. Altogether, a grand total of about $73,500 was raised this year, with BGCM receiving the lion’s share of the proceeds and the balance going to a second nonprofit partner, “Girls on the Run LA.” 

“It’s truly my honor to celebrate the outdoors, bring people together and partner with charities to make this something bigger than just a race,” Segel said in an interview. “My dream is for this to be a family-oriented community event that everyone participates in, like the Chili Cook-off. It brings people together and then they care for one another.”

It was only after Segal took over the event seven years ago that BGCM became a partner in the endeavor. At the beginning, she knew only that she wanted to do something to serve Malibu first before other communities. After meeting the people at BGCM, and being educated about all the things they do to serve to Malibu community, she decided to make her commitment to them.

The first year Segel served as race director, 2015, she gave BGCM a check for $500 after the race. And every year after that, the donation amount increased almost exponentially as the event became better known: $5,000 in year two, $16,000 in year three, $33,000 in year four, $53,000 in year five and on up to the $59,046 this year (one year was skipped because of the pandemic).

CEO Kasey Earnest said the money will help BGCM with all of its programs, but Wellness and Mental Health services in particular are where they tend to be focused right now, as well as the ongoing after-school programs. Run Malibu is an appropriate partner because BGCM emphasizes health and fitness.

The other nonprofit partner, “Girls on the Run LA,” teaches girls that “running is empowering” and increases their self-confidence, according to Segel.

Although The Malibu Times reported the results of the races last week, a recap with some additional details is now available: Brian Justie and Danae Dracht took first-place in the half-marathon; with finish times of 1:09:14 and 1:21:00, respectively. Nicholas Howard won first place in the non-binary half-marathon division with a time of 1:41:52, and Malibu local Tallula Murphree brought home first place in the 5K with a time of 0:19:38. (MHS students Ranger Murphree and Hunter McCann placed fourth and fifth, respectively, in the 5K).

Of the participants in the adult races, a total of 184 runners came from Malibu. The kids’ Fun Run included 41 Malibu elementary school kids ages 4-10 out of a total of 130. The winners were Earnest’s daughter Tulee (who ran barefoot) and Theo Hahn, both of Malibu.

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‘Run Malibu’ donates $59,046 to Boys & Girls Club of Malibu. Photo by Julie Ellerton/TMT.