Public Safety Commission to address speeding on Las Flores Canyon and Rambla Pacifico

The Las Flores Creek Park is located on 3805 Las Flores Canyon Road. Photo by Samantha Bravo/TMT.

Following residents’ complaints, city officials are exploring ways to address speeding on two canyon roads, Las Flores Canyon and Rambla Pacifico. 

During the Public Safety Commission meeting on Wednesday, July 12, commissioners addressed options for speeding prevention measures. In recent years, residents and school administrators have voiced their concerns about the increase in speeding. Sycamore Canyon Elementary School is among one of the schools.

In response to a request from a resident in 2022, the Public Works Department conducted a speed hump warrant analysis based on criteria in the Public Works Department’s Speed Hump Policy.

A radar speed survey was conducted during a period of free-flowing traffic in October 2022. The existing speed limit is 25 miles per hour (mph). According to the radar speed survey, the 85th percentile speed along Las Flores Canyon Road is 28 mph and the 40th percentile speed is 21 mph overall, which are less than the minimum 85th and 40th percentile speeds required for consideration for installation of speed humps, which are 35 mph and 25 mph, respectively. The survey also found that horizontal and vertical curves along Las Flores Canyon Road would make the roadway unsuitable for speed humps. There are eight horizontal curves that exceed the minimum curve radius of 300 feet and there is no sustained stretch of straight roadway where a speed hump could be placed. 

The commission also reviewed the Homelessness Task Force Charter and its assignments and identified how to proceed with the remaining assignments per the City Council’s direction.