Obituary: Diane Joan Leverett Kieffer 1935-2023


Diane Joan Leverett Kieffer passed away peacefully on January 14, 2023. She was 88 years old and a long-time resident of Malibu since 1952. George Kieffer, her husband, passed away two months previously, and her daughter Krista passed away 18 months ago. It has been challenging and sad for several years. Her son, Eric, has been a blessing in caring for both George and Diane for many years. He is now the only remaining Kieffer. Family members missing Diane and George and Krista are the following: Anita Kieffer Miller(et .al), Darielle Miller(et .al), sisters to George, Matthew Stark, Krista’s son, Barbara Leverett Welch, sister of Diane, Wendy Welch, Sherilyn Welch Brown, and Richard Welch, Nieces and Nephew. Diane was such a lively, humorous, and loving person who enjoyed old 1950’s movies, their dog Alfie, a turtle, and our father’s Hollywood history. We all will miss her life and spirit. God Bless you with loved ones. Love you.