Mark Abramson 1967-2023


Early in his career, Mark Abramson ran the Malibu Creek Stream Team at Heal the Bay, where he and his volunteers mapped 70 miles+ of the Malibu Creek Watershed. Where others might see an urban lake or a storm drain, he saw an oppressed creek that deserved liberation. He began extensive water quality testing in the region, helping to bring the conversation about local water quality to the public. His propensity for saying whatever he thought at public meetings — often with four-letter words interlaced into the commentary — made him both beloved and feared, but he always spoke the truth as he understood it and made every effort to make sure people considered how their actions (or inactions) would impact biodiversity both in our landscape and in the Pacific Ocean. Later on, he launched a successful career in landscape architecture, where he championed the use of native plants. He is best known for his leadership during the construction phase of the Malibu Lagoon Restoration, where he faced down threats of violence and death with aplomb. To say that I will miss him is an understatement.