Malibu Movie Sneaks: Part Two

Longtime Malibu resident Pamela Anderson is getting a big awards buzz for the series she inspired on her early life. Photo courtesy of

The summer movie season has just started, but there is a lot more to come. 

Soon the Emmy nods will be announced and there is a lot of neighborhood buzz. The story of “Baywatch” beauty Pamela Anderson in her trademark ruby red one-piece was a hit everywhere and especially overseas.

“Pam & Tommy,” the story of decades-long resident Pamela Anderson and partner Tommy Lee is getting a lot of rave reviews for its Hulu series performances. The show features Pam’s early years and how her unexpected sex tape became an internet sensation. Her dynamic with the Motley Crue drummer was rocky at best. The series chronicles the events that unfolded after their honeymoon and stars Lily James and Sebastian Stan. So be on the lookout for a local story to root for.

“Top Gun: Maverick” starring Tom Cruise as an old school guy teaching ambitious newbies and “Lightyear” featuring suave Malibu Times cover guy James Brolin kicked off the early offerings.

But keep your eyes on upcoming releases either on the big screen or streaming. Even tough critics are raving about “Elvis,” Baz Lurmann’s spot-on biopic on the life of the king.  

Last week we saw the splashy premiere of “Thor: Love and Thunder.” Chris Hemsworth reprises his role of the God of Thunder. Chris said he “did a lot of squats” preparing for the role as you can imagine. 

Anyone who saw “Thor: Ragnarok” is familiar with director Taika Waititi’s 2017 take on Norse God of Thunder as the most fun and humorous film to come out of the Marvel cinematic realm. 

Waititi is back in the director’s chair with Natalie Portman as a former flame and Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher. 

For Europhiles, there is “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris.” Based on the enchanting Paul Gallico novel, it’s a Cinderella story that revolves around an English cleaning woman who uses her widow’s pension to snag a dress from the House of Dior. Sounds like if you’re a fan of “Emily in Paris,” this one’s for you.

Next comes “The Grey Man” by Netflix. This action epic stars Ryan Gosling as a rogue CIA assassin up against a psycho former colleague. It’s a top notch cast including good ol’ boy Billy Bob Thornton, who plays the meanie who keeps us guessing. 

On July 29, say “woof” to Krypto in “DC League of Super Pets.” If you didn’t know that Superman (John Krasinski) had a best friend, now you do. Indeed he does and the Lab retriever (voiced by Dwayne Johnson) is the pet pooch and a central character in this animated comedy. Krypto and his legion of super pets foil a plan to crush the Justice League. There’s even Keanu Reeves playing the part of Batman along with his bat-hound. 

Then Brad Pitt returns to theaters in “Bullet Train.” He plays an assassin who tries to get out of the Murder Inc. biz until Sandra Bullock pulls him back in. What a perfect choice for a mid-summer mystery filled with a laugh or two.

End of August ushers in “Three Thousands Years of Longing.” A innocent Tilda Swinton doesn’t know that the tiny bottle she bought in Istanbul contains a genie! It comes to life in the form of Idris Elba and like all genies do, Tilda is granted three wishes in return for his freedom. Watch what happens next. 

From kid friendly family fare to white knuckle thrillers, there is something for everyone this summer movie season. And I’ll see you at the theater — the place where movies were meant to be seen!