Malibu Little League parade and snack shack will return on Closing Day

The Astros 1989/190 rides in a float in a past Malibu Little League Parade. The league is holding a parade for the first time in over 20 years. Photo courtesy Alicia Peak

The temporary shack will open for the first time, bringing back hot foods to league families

Formerly a long-standing tradition, the Malibu Little League parade was enjoyed by generations and on Saturday June 3, the city will host the parade once again for the first time in over 20 years.

The parade will kick off the league’s Closing Day, celebrating the children, the teams, and a successful season. The “Carnival”-themed celebration will feature face painting, photo booths, bounce house and the return of the snack shack to Malibu Bluffs Park.

Spectators will be able to enjoy the parade from the designated spectator zone, taking the parking spaces in front of Malibu Library on Stewart Ranch Road. 

Parks and Recreation Commissioner and Malibu Little League parent Alicia Peak spearheaded the effort to bring the parade back to the city. She said the parade will be a celebration of the kids and all they accomplished this season, but also a celebration of community, and the efforts community members have made to bring back a special part of the city’s history.

“It is my honor to bring the Little League Parade back to the City of Malibu,” Peak said. “This was such a staple in my childhood and I am so excited to share that with our community.”

Peak says she remembers being part of the parade as a child and recalled the happiness and excitement it brought. She said she is happy her children will now get to experience it.

“There will be smiles on 223 kids’ faces, permanent grins that are impossible to wipe off,” Peak said. “The joy that it brings these kids to be on a team, to decorate, and to be celebrated down the street with parents cheering for them, it’s a vibration.”

Malibu Little League President Nick Shurgot said the parade will mark a special day for not just the children of Malibu, but residents who experienced their own parades during their own childhoods.

Spectator zone highlighted in yellow taking the parking spaces in front of Malibu Library on Stewart Ranch Road.
The spectator zone for the Little League Parade is highlighted in yellow taking the parking spaces in front of Malibu Library on Stewart Ranch Road. Contributed Photo Illustration

“It’s an iconic piece of Little League that we’re bringing back and it’s great little league nostalgia for a lot of these guys who are now coaches and managers with their own kids in the league,” Peak said. “We’re just really excited to have the parade back and it’ll be something we’ll continue to build and make better and better.”

Peak explained that the parade would not have been possible without the support from city leaders across various departments and agencies.

She specifically wanted to thank Rob DuBoux and Brandie Ayala from Malibu Public Works, Kristin Riesgo and Brittany Saleauma from Malibu Community Services, City of Malibu Recreation Supervisor Chris Orosz, Volunteer on Patrol Mark Russo, Sheriff’s Department Sergeant James C. Arens and Sheriff’s Department Capt. Jennifer Seetoo for their support and commitment to bringing this tradition back to life.

Closing Day will also mark the return of another piece of Malibu Little League history, in the return of a snack shack to Malibu Bluffs Park. 

The temporary shack will open its doors for the first time, bringing back hot foods like hamburgers and hot dogs to the families of Little League. 

The temporary snack shack will begin serving Malibu Bluffs Park on June 3 for Closing Day. Photo courtesy Nick Shurgot
The temporary snack shack will begin serving Malibu Bluffs Park on June 3 for Closing Day. Photo courtesy Nick Shurgot

Shurgot said the return of the snack shack brings back an important piece of the league’s culture and identity. 

“It’s a home base for the kids,” Shurgot said. “It’s the place for the kids to meet after the games, celebrate, and congregate socially. It’s the fun centerpiece of our Little League.”

Peak praised Shurgot for his commitment to the growth and success of Little League, but more importantly for the love he has for the game and the kids who play the game.

“After the pandemic, the league was falling apart and possibly wouldn’t have happened but he revived the whole thing,” she said. “He’s so inspirational. I always say that it takes teamwork to make the dream work, but in addition to that, we need a good leader, and Nick is an incredible leader.”

Closing day will host the final Tee-Ball and AA wiffle ball games of the season, followed by AAA and Majors championship games, and will culminate with the Closing Day Ceremony where trophies will be awarded and All Star teams will be announced.

Shurgot said he also envisions Closing Day as a celebration not just for the league and for the sport, but for the City of Malibu. He hopes the league can continue to shine within the community and bring even more kids and families to Malibu Bluffs Park.

“I would love to see a lot of people from the community come out and cheer us on and make this a bigger and bigger deal every year,” Shurgot said. “We want people to recognize we’re a big part of the community and keep growing our enrollment.”

The parade will begin in the Malibu Village parking lot and is routed to go down Civic Center Way, ending at Webster Elementary. The parade will feature vehicle floats that will be decorated by parents and coaches. The parade will begin at 8:15 am and residents are urged to come out and cheer on the children of Malibu.