Letter to the Editor: Response to Malibu Times Article: Elena Eger, the Coastal Projects Special Counsel

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor,

Regarding the article referencing Elena Eger, the Coastal Projects Special Counsel, I have personally had interaction with this person about taking care of MRCA-owned property that somehow was donated to them by the city in the past. On behalf of the MRCA, she refused to do any brush clearance or trimming in the actual view corridor that was negotiated by the city with another resident. 

The area located at Big Rock Drive and PCH is overgrown and blocking the ocean view at “Vista Point” right now. She told me specifically that it’s the adjacent property owner’s responsibility to “maintain” defensible space — but I responded what about the agreement made in order to keep the property’s view clear? They had taken care of the property before; why the sudden change? I now understand why our POA has had to clear all the hillsides in Big Rock for brush clearance, but this pre-negotiated viewpoint and all campgrounds need to be maintained and monitored properly by the MRCA. She just kept saying it’s other people’s responsibility, not theirs, regardless of this contingency on ownership. I am extremely glad that the city is not being pushed over by the coastal commission and MRCA anymore by continuously making deals to send future monies to the MRCA after how non-existent their stewardship is for their properties. They are hardly “responsible people.” 

This Monday City Council took no action on the Sea View Hotel after the Coastal Commission changed the deal to, instead of sending $800000 to benefit our city residents to, give it to the MRCA to develop more campgrounds near Ramirez Canyon. I applaud this city for defending Malibu’s open space and standing up to the MRCA. We must keep it up! 

Jo Drummond, Big Rock resident