Letter to the Editor: Orchestrated Campaign

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor,

Your Opinion page dated Feb. 23 contains nine almost identical letters that recycle the same phraseology in pushing for the Farmers Market to be permanently located in Legacy Park. The overwhelming impression given is that an orchestrated campaign has been made (by whom?) as the very same wording occurs in practically all the letters. And some of it is laughable: where are the “well-manicured lawns” (first letter), the “spacious lawns” (second letter), the “expansive lawns” (third letter), and the “spacious atmosphere” (eight letter)? 

Yes, Legacy Park has a “serene atmosphere” (first, fifth, sixth letters), but that was the entire purpose of the park that many of us supported and made contributions to when it was established. The purpose was not for it to host a commercial market.

At the very least, The Malibu Times should be investigating the reason why the market has been moved across the street, who is behind the campaign to move it permanently, and whether the new development interests on the north side of Civic Center Way are trying to influence opinion, rather than just devoting the entire Opinion section to letters that fail the sniff test while offering no reporting or investigation on the matter.

Christopher Hudson, Malibu