Letter to The Editor: Kudos to Barbara Burke

Letter to the Editor: The Malibu Times

Dear Editor,

Barbara Burke’s article on Cross Creek Ranch, in your Aug. 17 edition, was spectacular. I have never read such an excellent, clear summary of the tortured path of a commercial real estate project. When these things are built, and towns and neighborhoods are completely changed forever, citizens scratch their heads in befuddlement and cynicism with good reason.

I worked in commercial real estate for 25 years.

Barbara Burke did an absolutely fabulous job summarizing and explaining the tortured path of this project and also, very importantly, the City Council deliberations in open session.

She is a treasure. I hope she keeps writing for the Malibu Times.

The article on the death of Robbie Robertson was also good, although I would argue with the author’s list of the best rock ‘n’ roll memoirs. She left out Eric Clapton‘s memoir, Patty Smith’s memoir, and Viv Albertine’s memoir.

The paper has improved so very much since you guys took over. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anne Kaufman, Malibu