LASD station holds Safety Symposium

The Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station and the City of Agoura Hills held a Safety Symposium on Saturday, Nov. 19, in the City of Westlake Village to share tips on ways to protect your property, prepare for emergencies, and mostly to keep you and your families safe. Photos by Samantha Bravo/TMT.

The Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station held a Safety Symposium on Saturday, Nov. 19, at Westlake Village City Hall to share tips on ways to protect your property, prepare for emergencies, and how to keep you and your families safe. 

The event included booths with vendors such as The LA County Fire Department, Los Robles: Regional Medical Center, Conejo Health Services, Department of Animal care and control, The Lost Hills Search and Rescue, and Mini Therapy Horses. Participants were able to share their concerns and gain knowledge on ways to prepare for a fire, earthquake, crime and safety from city and school officials. 

City Manager of Westlake Village Rob De Geus said being educated and being prepared in case of an emergency is important.

“It’s in Westlake Village but it’s really a regional priority for Malibu, Agoura Hills, Hidden Hills— to keep our communities safe,” De Geus said. “It’s an education day, we’re going to try to do several of these throughout the year, including in Malibu.”

The Lost Hills Juvenile Team Sergeant Bill Velek addressed school safety and Dr. Carlo Reyes provided awareness on fentanyl abuse. 

The nonprofit organization Mini Therapy Horses was also in attendance spreading smiles to guests and personnel.

Lost Hills detectives addressed crime in the area, ways to keep your home and business safe and Malibu/Lost Hills Capt. Jennifer Seetoo addressed personal safety. 

“It was an outstanding event and we look forward to working with the community and keeping our beautiful communities safe,” Seetoo said. 

Seetoo said it’s important to update your safety kits, batteries and water at home.

“Be prepared and stay on guard,” Seetoo said. “Let’s work together as a community to keep it safe.”

Los Angeles County Fire Department Battalion Chief Drew Smith addressed emergency preparedness and using credible sources during an emergency. 

“It is unbelievable some of the stuff that gets out there that grows, social media platforms on misinformation and it can really challenge the public direction on what we would like people to do,” Smith said. 

Smith recommends visiting ready/ for more information.