Fred Segal, Vintagebimmers, and Irv’s Burgers collab to celebrate Fathers Day

Rick Chavarria (third from left) organized the Father's Day event on Sunday in front of Fred Segal. The event mainly featured food from Irv's Burgers and Prince Street Pizza. Photo by Samantha Bravo/TMT.

Clothing and rising businesses bring their love for cars and fashion to Malibu

Fashion and vintage BMW enthusiasts met up at Fred Segal at Cross Creek to celebrate dads and give the community a taste of a new menu coming to Malibu this summer: Irv’s Burgers and Prince Street Pizza. 

“Cars, burgers, pizza, beer — what more does a dad want,” Rick Chavarria with Homegrown Fashion said. “We took the opportunity to bring that to the center, bring it to Malibu and have everyone enjoy.”

Chavarria said Irv’s Burgers and Prince Street Pizza are opening next month.

“This was just kind like a welcome to the neighborhood as well,” Chavarria said. 

About five BMWs were parked outside Fred Segal’s entrance, but Chavarria also said this wasn’t a car show. 

“It’s not a car show; there’s a handful of cars in front of the store, but they’re all the people from the event,” Chavarria said. 

The event also featured custom license plate keychain makers by carsandkeychains and custom rugs by Andrew Valencia and Kipsia Beltran for MR.MRS.Rugs.

“It’s a big opportunity to meet people and to have fun,” Valencia said. 

Valencia hopes to build a community where people can come to him for advice and guidance.  

“The process is different — it’s not like printing on a shirt,” he said. “I’m putting a lot of love into this, I want it to be very detailed and very unique.”

Founder of VintageBimmers Bailey Roberts said he has known Chavarria since high school and wanted to organize an event that brings fashion and cars together.

“Malibu was always famous for their PCH drive, so all our car enthusiast guys, we just love cruisin’ down PCH it’s like the perfect drive in the morning,” Roberts said. “We’ve been trying this mixture of fashion and auto life together and bringing those two worlds together.”

Roberts said they tried to make it a family-affair event with not only cars and fashion, but a masculine/feminine vibe with a floral display provided by LC Floral Designer, Los Angeles. 

“Our goal for this event is to really curate a nice social atmosphere, it’s a Father’s Day workshop — bring your pops out here, check out some hot wheels, custom rugs, the music and celebrate the fathers. That’s how my dad got me into cars,” he said. “He was always tinkering around with his BMW and trying to get it right, my grandad always working on his Jaguar, so it’s a day to celebrate the fathers who like to get their hands dirty.”