First annual Cavallo Foundation “Connecting with Horses” fundraiser sold out

Sandra Martins, a representative of the Cavallo Foundation, enjoys spending some time with one of the organization’s therapy horses. Photo by Jimy Tallal/TMT.

The Cavallo Foundation held its first-ever fundraising event on Saturday, June 25, during two different time periods at Malibu Equestrian Park, and the event was sold out; space was limited due to the number of horses.

The local 501c(3) nonprofit Cavallo Foundation and its “herd of a dozen healing horses” helps “at-risk” children, teens and adults create positive change and learn real life lessons. The foundation offers this connection to nature to special needs children (ADHD, SPD, autism); inner-city kids; teens needing support for emotional/mental needs, substance abuse, PTSD, and general stress; and families with trauma.

Those attending the event spent a fun half-day with the horses learning how “the healing power of horses” helps at-risk people develop a sense of community, connection, personal growth, enthusiasm, and transformational insights. 

To help support its mission and find ways to get involved, visit