City Council to hold special meeting on Alternative Sleeping Location Action Plan


The Malibu City Council will hold a special virtual meeting on Thursday, March. 24, at 6 p.m. to review and discuss the Alternative Sleeping Location [ASL] Recommended Action Plan provided by the City’s Homelessness Task Force. 

“Malibu is a compassionate community that has been dedicating significant resources toward services and outreach for people experiencing homelessness, but we must also find ways to reduce the very real threat of wildfires starting in homeless encampments in this Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone,” Mayor Paul Grisanti said in the news flash release. “We are one campfire away from another Woolsey Fire that could take lives and destroy homes in Malibu. An Alternative Sleeping Location may or may not be a solution, but we are obliged to consider it as a possibility, and I encourage everyone in the community to weigh in on this important matter.” 

The proposed Action Plan is part of the City’s effort to address homelessness, its impacts on the community, and the requirements of the 2019 Martin vs. Boise court ruling that prohibits the issuing of tickets or arresting homeless people for sleeping or camping on public property if there are no reasonably accessible shelter beds available as an alternative. Community members are encouraged to watch and share their input. 

ASL’s in other communities offer some combination of shelter beds, parking or tent accommodations for people experiencing homelessness, with security, lighting, and on-site staff that provide homeless services. Some also offer laundry, meals, showers, mail and other comprehensive services. 

The staff report, viewing and commenting instructions are posted on the website at The meeting can also be viewed later on-demand. Community members can send written comments about the ASL proposal to