Homeless Connect Day Helps 70 Homeless Individuals as Total LA County Homeless Numbers Decline

A number of organizations and entities—including City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority—were present at the fourth Homeless Connect Day late May.

As many as 70 homeless individuals were assisted at the first Homeless Connect Day of 2018, held on May 30 at the old Malibu Courthouse. The individuals were helped with driver’s licenses, healthcare, legal aid, haircuts and other services, according to Susan Ng from LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl’s office.

Many organizations and entities were involved, including City of Malibu, St. Joseph Center, LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, The People Concern and Malibu CART. 

In a letter to the editor to The Malibu Times (printed in this week’s edition), CART founding member Carol Moss said the event will return in six months.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority announced that homelessness in the area had decreased for the first time in four years. The 2017 count for the county was 55,048 people; this year’s count is 53,195—a three percent decrease. 

Reasons why include “more people are being placed into housing than ever before” as well as implementation of strategies and deployment of resources.

For a report of the 2018 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, visit lahsa.org.