Change for the worse


    Close to three years ago I was asked to house-sit for a friend of mine here in Malibu, Point Dume to be exact. Having spent a good portion of my childhood in Montecito, I cannot explain how happy I was to see that so close to Los Angeles a little paradise remained. There were actual ranch houses, horses, no sidewalks and lots of trees. The rustic looks I had grown up with, were available here, in Point Dume. I was so impressed that it actually became a dream for me to own a home here in Point Dume. I thought of planting some fruit trees, having a garden, acquiring some horses, chickens and, well, lot of animals. I figured I could have all this and still be so close to the city where I work. That was my dream.

    It is now three years later and I am house sitting for my friend again, only this time I noticed some significant changes. Where there were trees, now there are none. There are bright security lights in the evenings that invade privacy even inside your home. I imagine the lights are to scare off intruders. But who are the intruders? I have also heard complaints about the horses and livestock. “They’re noisy, smelly and fly infested.”

    It is this writer’s opinion that when Point Dume is visited, it brings a longing in one’s heart to get back to the simpler things in life. Things like picking fruit off your tree, riding your horse down to the beach with your dog following you, or just sitting outside enjoying the ocean view with the trees creating a canopy for privacy.

    Why I ask, are the very things that are inviting, the very things that are diminishing? It is quite clear that not everybody likes the things I have praised so highly, but then why would they move here? Why does one move to an area where there are trees, animals and peace then create havoc by cutting down the trees, putting up security lighting and complain about the animals? It does not make sense. If someone could explain this to me, I would love to hear!