Senior slip


    Arnold, I am deeply disappointed that your article in the Feb. 4 edition [“Land Use Subcommittee looks for senior center location”] did not even mention the fact that Wave Property, Inc. has made serious and substantive proposals to the Land Use Subcommittee for the Malibu Senior Center. I believe our proposal is much sounder and more helpful to the city and the seniors than any others being discussed, and your failure to even mention may lead some to believe that we are no longer interested — which is, of course, untrue. I know you and John Elliott spoke about our interest several days ago, and earlier this week I faxed to you copies of the correspondence between WPI and the city. Is there some reason this important fact was overlooked? Hope it was just an oversight and/or just a mistake in the rush to deadlines. Perhaps you can do further articles which inform the local senior citizens about all of their options. Thanks.

    Mike E. O’Neal


    Wave Property, Inc.