Letter: Nasty Gnats


For over a month now, we have been bitten and almost bugged to death with bites from thousand of gnats. At first, we thought it was my neighbor’s septic tank, and we did find a broken sprinkler with gnats in standing soggy grass on his bluff top lawn, but now a friend that lives at the mobile home park above Westward Beach has them too. The water comes down Busch and along the entrance to Westward Beach parking, then lays behind the restroom in a large pond.  

I have called the lifeguards, the City of Malibu, then I finally wrote a report to the Los Angeles County Health Department to report the problem.  

No one seems to care. A very sweet lady named Mary from our city just returned my call and said that, due to the heaving rains, that we just have to live with it, as she has them too. So, what can we do now as good citizens to keep out any disease we might encounter? They are all over my windows, face and in my pets’ water. I have so many bites and have felt ill for over a month now. How many of you out there have encountered this problem? Let’s try to solve this together!  

Antoinette Berget