Corral Canyon Neighborhood Discusses Fire Preparedness

Matt Haines (left) receives the Freeman Award from Paul Morra, also a recipient, “In honor of his excellent leadership and devoted public service to the call firefighters and residents of Corral Canyon.”

The Corral Canyon Fire Safety Alliance (CCFSA) hosted a fire preparedness and community potluck on Sunday afternoon, Aug. 27. 

Engine 271 marked the entrance of where the festivities were being held, as well as the future location of Fire Station 271. Speakers reminded attendees that Malibu is entering fire season. 

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Corral Canyon fire, and Matt Haines, a founder of the CCCFSA, gave safety suggestions to those attending the event. Haines said the houses that didn’t burn were prepared. He offered suggestions, such as clearing ornamental vegetation that surrounds your home; covering your vents with silver aluminum duct tape so that embers from outside can’t enter the home. In the event of a fire, he suggested closing windows but pulling drapery open; unlocking doors so firefighter can get in; keep cars off the road so fire engines can pass through, especially on the narrow roads. 

“Firefighters will defend homes that are defendable, not homes that aren’t defendable,” Haines said. 

Haines received the Freeman Award for his efforts, handed to him by good friend and fellow Freeman Award recipient Paul Morra. The Freeman Award, first given out to LA County Fire Chief Michael Freeman following the aftermath of the 2007 Corral Canyon Fire, is awarded to those individuals who have supported the Call Firefighters program and the CCFSA.