Helping hands


Yes, there are angels of mercy. They are John Merrick and fire captain Leary. My husband, Herb, and I were on our Sunday bike ride along Zuma beach. We stopped for a rest and when we proceeded to get on our bikes, I rode off and my husband fell as he began to mount his bike. Luckily I saw his fall and circled back. By the time I got across the parking lot, John Merrick (Judge Merrick’s son) was aiding him, supporting his back with his knees as my husband sat on the curb.

John immediately called the lifeguard tower and before long a fire truck arrived along with some other trucks and an ambulance. They determined my husband had a hematoma and proceeded to put him on a stretcher and transport him to Los Robles Hospital emergency room. Mr. Merrick offered to drive me to my house with my bikes so I could get my car and drive to the hospital. Meanwhile Captain Leary put our bikes on the fire truck and drove me home. I was able to then drive to the E.R. and stay with my husband as he was treated skillfully by the staff at Los Robles Hospital. I am so grateful for these two men and all the others who aided in my husband’s well being.

Ellen Reich