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Thank you so much for the article entitled, “Sideline rage in youth sports: It’s not your local sandlot anymore.” There was a time that people thought sports would prevent kids from becoming violent, and getting involved with drugs or gangs. Well, not any more! Some adults seem to forget that youngsters “look up” to adults for guidance, or as role models. It seems that many of our sports “heroes” become violent and get involved with drugs and “gangs” (organized crime). Also, the physical condition of those in sports deteriorates very rapidly. While working as a consultant in a medical sports office in the South Bay, I witnessed many athletes with torn ligaments, broken bones or, recuperating from knee or other surgeries, returning to the sports field much too soon. They were prescribed pain pills, and were shot up with cortisone. Many revealed to me that they were expected to get back promptly, or that their career would suffer. Every career may have its obstacles, but ruining one’s body by the age of 30 isn’t very glamorous! So what sort of values are our children learning? Hurt or get rid of those who are in their way? Fame and fast money? Well, O.K. if you want that sort of thing–the money can always be used to patch up your body and mind. And then when you can’t play anymore, there’s always the possibility of getting a commercial selling underwear, phones, or appliances.

Oh, for the days when sports people cared for their bodies, when sports were really games (or even just a way to show one’s prowess), and not just a way to become famous or make some fast money.

Alessandra DeClario

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