Paws against K


    The 66 members of the Malibu Committee for A Dog Park were delighted with the results of the election in regard to Measure K. For several months we tried to convince the proponents of measure K to consider adding a dog park to the measure but no one paid any attention to this request. There are many playing fields in Malibu for children but there is not even one dog park in the entire community. Those of us who have dogs cannot take them on a beach or anywhere in the community. Most of the other cities in California have at least one dog park, including Calabasas. We still continue to resist the passage of any measure which does not guarantee at least one recreational area for dogs.

    When we alerted the community to the dangers of allowing the Coastal Commission to force the parking situation at Point Dume, again, very few people paid attention to the warning. This sends a message to the Coastal Commission that the community could be easily pushed into any position which the commission desired. We were forced to fund a bus service (at a cost of over $50,000 a year) and the bus is consistently empty; only a few passengers are ever seen to use this service. Wouldn’t it be better if that money could be used for so many more important situations?

    The lesson to be learned is that the Coastal Commission is to be resisted on any and all its actions when these actions are detrimental to the community and indeed to the state at large.

    We all tend to disregard the early warning signals as shown by not only the two instances given above and we have to suffer for this at a later date. We get so “quick old and so late smart.” Incidentally, the communities of Half Moon Bay and Stimson Beach are going to be filing an amicus brief in the upcoming case against the Coastal Commission. It would be a wise idea for the city of Malibu to do likewise. Again we doubt that the community will heed this early warning.

    Ron Lawrence