Malibu Seen



    You had to wonder how Thomas Schumacher could possibly match the magic of his roaring success the “Lion King,” but Disney’s No. 1 theater man managed splendidly. He showed off his talents once again by bringing his acclaimed production of “Aida” to the Music Center.

    Tom invited Malibu pal Hutton Wilkinson to the splashy opening night performance, along with noted designer Matthew White and author Terry Stanfill. They joined an enthusiastic group of music-lovers for the two-hour show, which dazzled audiences with its spectacular costumes, enchanting dancers and dramatic special effects.

    Like the “Lion King,” “Aida” is a feast for the eyes and ears. The sound was electrifying, and as for the singers, there was more buttah on the Ahmanson stage than a Wisconsin dairy.

    After the performance, the gang filed upstairs for a champagne and cosmo cocktail reception at the Impresario room, where hunky lead Patrick Cassidy couldn’t have been happier.

    “It’s really great to see the crowd just leap to its feet,” he told The Malibu Times. “Opening nights in Los Angeles can be even tougher than New York. But you could tell that everyone was really digging it.”

    There’s still plenty of time to get into the “Aida” groove. The show runs through Jan. 5.


    For some, it’s raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens; for others, it’s shopping, champagne and celebrities.

    The delightful combination of bubbly, bargains and beautiful people is the draw behind Divine Design, which benefits Project Angel Food. The annual fundraiser took place at the Barker Hanger where thousands of Christmas shoppers set off in search of a blue-light special.

    The selection wasn’t quite the same as in years past, but with a good eye, you could find a good buy. There were soft flannel shirts from Eddie Bauer, sexy shades from L.A. Eyeworks and trendy threads from Anna Sui-all 50 percent off.

    The hanger had lots of Hello Kitties and more Barbies than Guido’s has garbanzo beans. There were box loads of Barbies and Kens in every conceivable incarnation-as James Dean, as Frank Sinatra, as Elvis, even Woodstock Barbie, complete with love beads, peace sign, peasant blouse, patchwork jeans, fringe vest and hoop earrings. Far out!

    My favorite stop is always Frederick’s of Hollywood, where laughs are never in short supply. For guys, don’t forget those jingle bell jock straps, “Are You Feeling Lucky” boxers, and red white and blue briefs. For the misses, there were leatherette thongs, marabou boas and see-through teddies.

    Chris Lee Masters was among those looking to spread holiday cheer. “How about this?” he says, pointing to a tasty looking box of Body Butter Creams. “You rub them on and lick them off.” Masters also admired the glow-in-the-dark body paint. “It’s real big when you go dancing,” he explained. “Dancing?” I inquired. “Well, sometimes there’s a lot of slow dancing.” You glow girl!.

    He was torn between the Jungle Love Passion Fruit massage oil and the Kiss of Fire magic potion. “In a pinch, I’ll have to go with Jungle Love,” he sighs. “I guess I’m more of a Tarzan kind of guy.”

    That’s one way to get into the swing of things. Happy hunting!