Bikers flout the law


    Every Saturday and Sunday the residents who live on Latigo Canyon are put at serious risk by the bright red, yellow and other colored super motorcycle racers racing up and down Latigo Canyon Road. These Kawasaki racers with their motors screaming, easily go 60 to 70 on the straight-aways and they pass cars constantly on double yellow lines. Speeding, excessive noise, dangerous driving, passing on a double yellow line and pushing cars off the road are all illegal actions.

    Two times we have been pushed off the road to avoid a head-on collision coming around a blind curve with racers screaming up the hill after passing another car.

    And we call the Sheriff’s office many times and they say they can do nothing. They say they cannot chase the motorcycles.

    So, if that is the case, then make it illegal for motorcycles to go on Latigo Canyon Road. It is a very winding road that is used by bicycle riders all weekend. And between the impatient cars and racing motorcycles, I am sure they feel constantly threatened. If the Sheriff’s Department, with cars all over Malibu, cannot protect and enforce the laws on Latigo Canyon, then make it illegal to have motorcycles on this road.

    Malibu City and the Sheriff’s Department should take notice. This is going on every weekend. There have been several serious accidents on Latigo Canyon in the last 6 months. Before someone is killed, action should be taken.

    We hope you will read this with understanding as if this danger and terrible intrusion was in front of your home. I hope that any other residents of Latigo Canyon who have had enough of this constant danger of illegal activities will write and let the city and the Sheriff’s Department know the problems we are having.

    Nick Bassill