Battery charges deemed ‘outrageous’


    I still cannot quite believe the article I just read about the Malibu mom who was arrested for battery.

    Battery! Please, are they kidding?

    We would all be in jail if this were battery.

    Come on, instead of hassling carpooling soccer moms, couldn’t they find any crack dealers, car thieves, ax murderers or dog knappers? Were all these bad guys taking the day off? What’s next, getting a ticket for 14 items in the express check out lane at Ralphs?

    I do not personally know Ms. Vandor however, I’d be willing to spearhead a campaign about the outrageous charges. After all, that could easily have been me or any number of my “mommy” buddies.

    Pamela van Ierland

    PS: Where is Johnny Cochran when you need him, because after all “If the parking space doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”