Heroic efforts lauded


    Last Friday, while I was in Topanga Canyon, my 1997 PCH Suburban caught fire and burned.

    Besides myself, my husband, who is disabled, and my 80-year-old mother were in the car.

    We managed to escape unharmed, and due to the quick response of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept., L.A. County Highway Patrol, and the Topanga Fire Dept., there was no personal injury and no fire in the canyon.

    I cannot say enough about how wonderful all these men were.

    Because my husband has C.O.P.D., we had an oxygen tank in the car. This made for an extremely dangerous situation. Thanks to the grace of God, and the professionalism of these men, everything turned out well.

    They really went the extra mile for us. The Fire Dept. sifted through the ashes for me to find the remains of my purse in the metal skeleton that remained after the fire.

    The sheriff gave us a ride to Malibu where we could arrange to be picked up. They even offered us cold drinks at the scene of the fire!

    We also owe a special thank you to Dave, the assistant manager at the Chart House, and to Marguerite Garrison, also at the Chart House, for allowing us to come in when the restaurant was closed and wait for our ride home.

    Even though it was a stressful event, the kindness of these people made it a lot better.

    Thank you all, so much.

    Donna MacDonald, Charles Hudson, and Alfred Buscaglia