Thank you?


    Even our dear parents who spoke of our achievements every potentially appropriate moment in their late life journeys, never empowered us as much as you.

    Neither Gil nor I head the Malibu Right to Vote Initiative, nor did we ever even address the City Council on that issue.

    In your mind, we had the ability to elect some and defeat others. You fed rumors of pseudo charges and incriminations horrifying those parents. However, being generally conscious, law abiding people, authorities never questioned us, neither lawsuits nor charges were ever filed against us. After feeding it in the first place, you never printed that truth. I wonder why?

    You have made the image of two people very large, and we feel humbled by your inflated descriptions. Neither we nor MCLC head or sponsor the Initiative. We do believe in it though, Arnold as we believe in and support ball fields. (I hope you don’t call them the Segel ball fields.) Marilyn Dove, whom we have met only recently, has worked hard heading it. As everyone knows and I’m sure you agree, her work is worth honoring, Arnold.

    You and your paper would profit from large development in Malibu, we have virtually nothing to gain.

    So if the land air and water win from what you say about our defense of them, thank you, Arnold, it is enough. If the children win from our support of fund-raising to buy needed ball parks, thank you, Arnold, it would be enough.

    If needed smart development comes to Malibu and unneeded development is kept out, thank you.

    If environmental destruction and traffic disasters are contained at last, thank you Arnold.

    And if we succeed in feeling compassion towards you in our hearts for your wounded need to attack us or what we support, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    For that would be our greatest challenge. Maybe then you will have served the consciousness of us all.

    Joanne Segel