Correction: Excessive Heat Warning Issued For Southern California

National Weather Service

Thursday, July 6 through Saturday, July 8, a heatwave will move through Southern California.

As of Thursday, Malibu and the surrounding area was under a Heat Advisory, through Friday morning, July 7.

The National Weather Service has also issued an Excessive Heat Warning for the Santa Monica Mountains area, both on the coast and over the hill, beginning Friday morning and going until Saturday morning. Temperatures in the afternoon will range from 90 to 95 degrees in the Malibu area and 95 to 110 degrees in the valleys through Saturday. Inland deserts were under a Heat Advisory through Saturday.

The dangerous heat will increase the risk of heat related illness for the homeless, elderly and infants, as well as outdoor workers or anyone participating in outdoor activities. The very high temperatures could also elevate fire weather conditions. 

To stay prepared, the City of Malibu and National Weather Service provided some tips for residents and visitors to Malibu.

Do not leave unattended children, seniors or pets in vehicles. The temperatures in vehicles can rise to life-threatening heights, even if the windows are open.

Be extra cautious if you must work outside. Drink plenty of fluids and wear light, loose fitted clothing. Schedule frequent breaks in a shaded or air conditioned environment. Be aware of the signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. If possible, reschedule outdoor activities.

Drink plenty of water, stay in cool environments whenever possible, keep out of the direct sun and check up on neighbors and relatives. 

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This story has been updated to clarify Malibu was under a Heat Advisory on Thursday.