Planetary Themes For The Month of July



Domestic matters take on more importance until the 20th. There may also be some internal issues to resolve. There is the urge to make some changes at home and express more independence around the middle of the month. On the 20th, a positive shift happens for you. It’s time to have more fun and express your playful side.



Your communicative side begins to come out. It’s a time to be more social and express new ideas. There can be some new financial/or work — related opportunities. Be more cautious with your dealings with new friends or acquaintances. Don’t take things at face value. A reality check is in store after the 17th. 



On the 4th, Venus enters your sign this month for attracting more of the good things and the expression of more love in your life. You can attract new friends or relationships through the 17th. Relationships can take on a more serious tone during the second half. Getting involved with groups or clubs is favorable. 



You remain in a strong cycle for taking charge and reaching your goals through the 19th. Others seek your leadership qualities to help guide them. Family members may need your assistance or emotional support. There can be the urge to make some changes in your life. Be patient and avoid taking impulsive actions. 


You can continue to benefit from more alone time through the 19th. This is a good time to get better tuned in to your inner needs. After the 5th, your social life can take a positive turn. On the 20th, Mars enters your life. The tide is moving in your direction. It’s time to step confidently in the direction of your goals and desires.



You may feel like making some changes with your goals and stepping in a new direction. On the 5th, your fun and playful side comes out. Your social life and spending time with friends takes on more importance. Try to remain organized in your career and work. Be more cautious making financial or business decisions.



You move into a new cycle for expanding your horizons and travel on the 4th. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Things may feel out of balance in your life. Try to focus more on you and your personal relationships. After the 20th, activity in your social life can increase. You can be dealing more with the public or larger groups.



You remain in a favorable cycle for deepening your connections with others and family through the 20th. You are comfortable expressing yourself in the emotional realm. After the 20th, it’s time to move ahead in some new directions and accomplish goals. Be willing to let your playful and outgoing side come out.



Personal relationships take on more importance. You can also attract new friends more easily into your life. After the 20th, you will want to break free from entanglements and express more of your independence. You can be drawn to distant places and become more interested in sports or being physically active.



A balance needs to be reached between accomplishing your goals and personal relationships. Relationships, including the one with yourself, become more important. After the 4th, money can be made through writing and expressing ideas. Avoid scattering your energy in too many directions. Narrow your focus. 



On the 4th, you move into a favorable cycle for attracting love, new friendships, or romance into your life. Your creative and artistic side also wants to be expressed. Be practical with the handling of finances. On the 20th, more activity begins to heat up in your relationship department. Time to let loose and have more fun. 



You remain in your own element for connecting on a deeper level with your needs and significant others’ through the 20th. When it comes to money and domestic matters, you may not be seeing things clearly. A reality check can come after the 17th. After the 20th, there is increased activity at work or in your daily routine.