Letter: Skating Safely

Mr. Soboroff ’s efforts in Malibu closed a public park many people loved. Several years ago, as he prepared to develop in middle Malibu, Soboroff kicked Papa Jack’s Skate Park out of the space it had occupied since its inception. An investigation of possible sites for relocation was conducted and a suitable site could not be found. Many of us who loved the skatepark are still without a safe place to skateboard with our friends and family. 

It has been almost three years since the park was closed to make way for a market that has not been built. Malibu’s skate park was safe and fun and the skaters were supportive of each other. If Mr. Soboroff could have attended some of the birthday parties or events that helped build our community, he would have seen boys and girls of all ages enjoying the friendly atmosphere. The park was an inviting place. Great friendships were made there and families, kids and people of all ages had fun times. 

The asphalt pad where the obstacles were once placed is still there, where the park used to be. Paintings depicting animals skateboarding that were made by local students adorn the fencing adjacent to the site. We have several markets, but are without a safe place to skateboard. Maybe the community needs a skate park more than it needs another market. 

Mr. Soboroff can lead the effort to take care of Malibu’s families by allowing part of his space to be set up as a skate park. While it may not be permanent, it would be a great gesture to allow this established resource to serve the community again. There is demand for a skate park in Malibu because its extremely popular one was recently closed. Pre-fab parks are easy to set up and with Mr. Soboroff ’s cooperation we could have a solid skate park in a short time. 

Mr. Soboroff, please support the community by allowing a skate park to be opened in its former home. 

Walter Lohr and Justin Kell 

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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