We’ve Lost a Beach


    There’s a beach in western Malibu

    Where the Law must not apply;

    And where those who live adjacent,

    Are disgusted — they decry!

    For here, their children cannot play,

    Nor walk along the beach;

    Because of nudie bodies,

    And contortions, none dare speak.

    It seems a beach named Matador

    Is plagued by those who come;

    To romp and play, in other ways,

    Than simply soaking sun.

    And yet the Law seems not applied,

    To end this perverse scene —

    It’s been going on a long, long time,

    With nothing done between.

    We’ve lost a beach, that’s out of reach,

    For our family and friends —

    Is it because the Law does not apply?

    Or just a local trend?

    H. Emmett Finch