Mother Nature calls


    I am sure I am not alone in being outraged by the time, effort and money invested in questioning the results of the last election. Guys, in case you haven’t noticed, we have far more important things to worry about and spend our money on — namely, the mess Mother Nature is heaping upon us for the abuses we heap upon her.

    Instead of trying to figure out how to deal with the obstacle course PCH has become and how to shore up our crumbling hillsides and homes, are we supposed to get all hot and bothered about a few bruised egos?

    Can vindictiveness sweeten our sour grapes? Are you really so small-minded and politically manipulative to force such a trivial issue? Do you have to vilify those who disagree with you? Ridicule those you call, with such contempt, alarmists and environmentalists even though — come election time — that’s exactly what you pretend to be because you know it’s politically expedient?

    In the minds of those concentrated primarily on “profit” — Greens seem to have replaced the Reds as villains in the battle for our survival on this sorely plagued planet. You can’t keep exploiting and overbuilding places like Malibu with impunity. All the money in the world won’t buy you clean air and water once we’ve reached the point of no return.

    Give that some thought before embarking on this costly, time-wasting and divisive vendetta which will accomplish nothing except bolster those few bruised egos.

    Erna Segal