Letter: Children First


For those lucky enough to live in Malibu — we know we are blessed. 

Malibu is a sacred place filled with the wonders of nature. We have the majestic Pacific Ocean and thousands of acres of parkland abutting Malibu. Indeed, Since a 1978 act of congress created the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, Malibu is one of the only communities located entirely within the national park, according to Surfside News reporter Suzanne Guldimann.

Malibu is also a community that helps each other. During fires, we check on neighbors. At the farmer’s market on Sunday mornings, we say “Hi.” When we walk our dogs in our neighborhood or along Zuma Beach we know which dogs bark and which ones walk on by. When our kids join AYSO Soccer, Little League, or enter Tiny Tot Olympics, they learn about community, teamwork, showing up, playing their hearts out and winning and losing with grace and dignity.

Last week, city council voted, 3-2, to shut the door on soccer fields, baseball fields, a skate park and/or any other type of field that could be used to bring our community closer together at Bluffs Park. 

All our kids and community have is you.

This past Mother’s Day, we created an Occupy Malibu: a local socio-political movement whose primary goal is to advocate community based facilities in Malibu that will serve the people’s wants and needs to be connected.

Occupy Malibu respectfully requests city council reconsider its decision to not consider putting playing fields and a skate park for our community at either Bluffs Park and/or recently purchased Trancas Field. 

Please, Mayor Peak — at least commission an EIR. Your father was on the Blue Ribbon Task Force when we tried to get facilities for youth in Malibu. Do it for Dusty.

If you agree and want join Occupy Malibu, join our Facebook group. It’s open to all. Other helpful actions: 

Contact Malibu City Council 

Sign the Petition on

Spread the word to make Malibu more community friendly for all. Occupy Malibu will be organize next steps. If you are interested please join our Facebook Occupy Malibu group for updates.

Thanks for sharing, caring, and doing what you can when you can to make Malibu better tomorrow than it is today.

Pamela Conley Ulich