Letter: Both education funds help Santa Monica-Malibu

Letter to the Editor

To be clear, the Education Foundation and the fundraising committee for athletic field lighting are two separate groups. 

The Education Foundation is working to raise monies for students throughout the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District and the fundraising for athletic field lights is solely focused on raising money to install field lights at Malibu High School. Donations to the Education Foundation will assist in making sure that our schools have money to fund many programs at our schools from arts to academics to athletics. Donations also go to support continuing education for our teachers and improvements to technology. 

Contrary to claims, enrollment in Malibu schools is not dropping, and in fact, at some grade levels it has increased, proving that our local schools are strong and providing a high quality educational experience for our kids. 

As for the claim that the lights only benefit a few students, last year students from the football team, both girls and boys soccer teams and boys lacrosse team played under the lights, allowing fellow students, friends and family to cheer on and support our kids. In addition, later games allow the student athletes to remain in class and not take early outs, benefiting not just the athletes, but also their fellow students. 

Please continue to support our local schools and donate to our local fundraising groups, property taxes alone are not enough to fund the quality education our children deserve. 

Marianne Riggins