Deconstructing Tom

Politics in Malibu is a lousy way to get things done. Malibu politicians are, like God’s infinite mercy, a last resort. Politics and ethics were the central topic of conversation among the guests at the Malibu Navy League July Fourth weekend dinner party held at the state of California’s Adamson House at Malibu State Beach. Assembling at my table for this 26th Captain’s Reception, a.k.a. John Payne’s 60th birthday party, were Tom and Harriet Rogers adjacent to Bob and Mary Rubenstein. This event was held out-of-doors, so it was meaningful that the Malibu weather was remarkable and the vista of sunbathers sunning and surfers surfing was a classic Malibu photo opportunity. Malibu’s outstanding climate serves to remind us that tourism is the foremost possession that our community has to sell. My wife, Ann Marie, was deliberating on the ethics of some lawyer or another, when queries among the table mates (mates the operative nautical term here) turned to the following trivia I’d like to bestow upon you. If lawyers are disbarred and clergymen defrocked, then doesn’t it follow that electricians can be delighted, musicians denoted, cowboys deranged, models deposed and dry cleaners depressed? Other Malibu Navy Leaguers at neighboring tables suggested that laundry workers could be decreased, eventually becoming depleted! Even more imposing your bed maker could be debunked, baseball players could be debased (Bob Ryan suggested this one), landscapers deflowered, bulldozer operators degraded (George Wing recommended this link), organ donors delivered, software engineers deprogrammed, underwear salesman debriefed, and even musical composers will eventually decompose.

On a more decided note though, dear Editor, the assemblage resolved that perhaps Malibuites could hope that local politicians would be devoted.

Tom Fakehany

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