Homeless Dinners Predicted to Start Late September

Malibu Courthouse

Homeless dinners will return to Malibu—this time at the Old Malibu Courthouse—on Sept. 24, according to emails from Malibu Community Resource Team Founder Carol Moss and City of Malibu Public Safety Manager Susan Dueñas. 

The meals will then be held on the second and fourth Mondays of the month for the duration of the year, which will coincide with regularly held City Council meetings. According to Dueñas, this is being done to take advantage of sheriff presence—law enforcement will be arranged on days when City Council meetings are either rescheduled or cancelled.

Concerns about safety led to the original November 2017 cancellation of homeless dinners at Malibu United Methodist Church, a decision that received attention on a national stage. It was then announced in March of this year that the homeless dinners would resume at the old county courthouse, located next to the Malibu Library.

Though the dinners will fall in line with health department code, Moss is hopeful that legislation will pass to allow “informal cooks” to contribute by the beginning of next year.