Rallying behind President

The following letter was sent to President George W. Bush.

On Dec. 2, the Malibu Republican Club sponsored an event supporting your efforts in combating terrorism. The attached card was signed by those in attendance. We hope you enjoy the sentiment. We discussed the progress of the war and the justification for change in our lives. We understand that some things can never be the same and really don’t mind having our suitcases checked. In fact, we support your efforts, Mr. President, and those of our leaders through the ups and downs of executing a very tough mission, at home and abroad!

The following Malibu Republican Club members hosted the support rally in your honor: Sheila and Mark Battistello, Pat Kenny, Bill McHenry, Anne Payne, Cynthia and Pete Sanford, Shirley Willson and Bill and Amie Young

We wish to thank our leaders in government and the military as well as local authorities, doing their jobs in all types of environments, some hostile. Also, we are indebted, forever, for the acts of just a few heroes and warriors safeguarding our lives while risking their own. Mr. President, in the spirit of unity and homeland support, we thank you.

John T. Payne, president

Malibu Republican Club

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