Red flag, high wind warning in effect; County officials activate Emergency Operations Center

2007 Malibu wildlfire / TMT

Los Angeles County officials have set up an emergency operations center in the hours leading up to tonight’s high wind warning. The center will offer support in cases of emergency and disaster responses during the High Wind and Red Flag Fire warnings.

A High Wind Warning goes into effect Thursday at 8 p.m. until 6 p.m. Friday. The National Weather Services warned that Santa Ana winds could hit up to 65 mph. 

“Potential impacts include strong winds that could make driving difficult,” a statement from the county’s Office of Emergency Management said. “Strong winds could knock down trees and power lines and possibly produce property damage.”

Another statement from the NWS warned of the threat of wildfires.

“If fire ignition occurs… this Santa Ana wind event will have the potential to bring rapid spread of wildfire due to critical fire weather conditions and critically dry fuels,” said the statement.

Earlier this year, Los Angeles County Fire Department spokesman Quvondo Johnson told The Malibu Times that the LACFD has extensive resources, including nine helicopters, at its disposal to fight fires. But he said home and business owners that have property near brush areas are the best defense.

Eric Thomas contributed to this report.

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