Malibu Safety Commission Starts To Plan for Mass Vaccinations

A medical professional from Malibu Medical Group (left) takes the temperature of a patient at a drive-through coronavirus testing center behind Malibu City Hall on Thursday, Dec. 3. Patients are scanned for symptoms before being administered tests.

While no large doses of COVID vaccine have reached Malibu yet, one Public Safety Commissioner is wasting no time in putting a plan together for a mass vaccination event. Commission Vice Chair Doug Stewart said during the Wednesday, Jan. 6, meeting that a remote meeting is scheduled this week with four Malibu doctors to arrange a plan for public inoculations once vaccines are released to the city. Stewart has already been in talks with City Manager Reva Feldman and Public Safety Manager Susan Dueñas about the city’s readiness to inject doses into the arms of thousands of residents.  

“It became apparent, as California revealed it had two million doses of vaccine and only 400,000 administered—it became clear we’re not seeing anything here in Malibu,” Stewart said. “Distribution is one thing; inoculations are another. In the absence of more senior government agencies saying ‘this is how we’re going to do it,’ we need to plan logistically and physically how we can pull this off if the vaccine becomes available. What we don’t want is to have the vaccines on the way to us and then have to figure out how to implement it.”