Letter: The Only Fraud Is Trump

Letter to the Editor

The surreal events of the last few weeks, culminating in the illegal and seditious insurrection at the Capitol Building, is not a surprise given the malignant narcissism of Donald Trump and his blind, misguided, sycophant enablers.

The travesty of these events is against every principle this great country was founded on. Our founding fathers explicitly wrote the constitution to guard against the very type of president Mr. Trump is for the very reasons you now see in action.

The conspiracy theories, hatred spewing, gas lighting and grifting of Trump has torn this country apart and way too many people have been party to it all along as if it were some sort of game or a reality TV show they were hooked on.

Many have also supported this dangerous man and either wanted this latest action or were too naïve and under Trump’s spell to see it coming even though it was so obviously going to happen at some point.

The next time Trump supporters accuse people of having Trump derangement syndrome, maybe think twice about making that patronizing comment and realize it is Trump, not those who question him, that is deranged.

We will not become socialist; guns will not be taken away; people will be able to practice their faith freely; there will not be a minority uprising that topples the government; Antifa was not in the Capitol building, Trump supporters were; Q Anon theories are simply untrue, as is much of Fox News and all of the other propaganda machinery that has supported Trump; Hunter Biden is not the issue; the moon landing was real; Oswald shot Kennedy; and, most of all, Biden won fair and square. There was no fraud other than Trump.

Good riddance to this horrid man and what he started. I hope that the anger, lawlessness and corruption that Trump has unleashed in this great country dies away, we all unite and start to compromise again, and we remain great, as we always have been, despite him.

Matt Borenzweig