Zuma Cars & Coffee finds anew spot

Many exotics were on hand, including names like Ferrari, McLaren, Koenigsegg, Porsche, and more. Photos by Steve Geldman/TMT

Aviator Nation Dreamland welcomes automotive event to help fuel retail business

By Steve Geldman

Special to Malibu Times 

Cars and Coffee is nothing new to Malibu. There has been much criticism over the years, mostly from retailers dealing with loud and annoying revving engines in their parking lot. They have also complained that their lots have become full, with few spectators patronizing their stores. 

However, the fact remains there is an abundance of automotive enthusiasts, both the owners of classic Americana to modern euro exotics, as well as the general population, who love to see these works of art in a beautiful and safe surrounding.

The goal is to find a retailer willing to take the opportunity to support these weekend events with hopes of increasing their business. Enter Aviator Nation Dreamland on Pacific Coast Highway, located in the former Malibu Inn restaurant site. Sergio Torres, general manager of the venue, believes this is just what will work for them. According to Torres, the goal of Dreamland is to revitalize the live entertainment of the ‘70s, along with excellent food and beverage, back into Malibu. Seeing the results from the Zuma Cars & Coffee inaugural event held at Torres’ establishment on Jan. 22, with the crowd of spectators spending much of their time indoors purchasing coffee and other menu items speaks for itself. 

Zuma Cars & Coffee organizers Steve Goldfield and Sasha Windes think similar to Torres but with a different goal. For them, it’s all about the automotive community, specifically exotics, having a spot where enthusiasts can mingle and drool over the abundance of expensive cars Malibu residents, as well as those in surrounding areas, have to offer. 

Goldfield states, “With so much negativity in the news every day, our goal is simply to provide fun within the car community and to take our minds elsewhere.”

Assisting Goldfield and Windes in this endeavor are two other gearheads. Bryan Hanes, who is one of the founders of Westlake Village’s County Line Cars & Coffee, provides social media advertising. Tori Shuken, owner of Visa Ford Woodland Hills, also offers her expertise. 

“It’s truly a group effort to put on any cars and coffee event successfully,” continued Goldfield.

This is not their first automotive rodeo attempting to find a permanent location. Zuma Beach was a previous attempt, but they were soon shut down by city officials. If drivers keep their testosterone at bay and avoid reckless driving and exhibition of speed, this new location can easily be permanent.

Nothing is free in this world, and holding Cars & Coffee in Malibu is no exception. Exotic automotive retailer O’Gara Coach of Westlake Village stepped up to the plate as the event sponsor. Both O’Gara’s Trevor Edwards, the content team lead, and Sam Palumbo, used cars, were on hand to be sure all was going smoothly. Naturally, they were not driving in without exotics of their own, such as a Ferrari F430. 

For more information and upcoming events, visit Instagram: @zumacarsncoffee

SGeldman 005 Zuma CarsCoffee G1602
Many exotics were on hand, including names like Ferrari, McLaren, Koenigsegg, Porsche, and more. Photos by Steve Geldman/TMT