Trancas Country Market celebrates moms in Malibu 

After playtime and complimentary treats, families enjoyed picking out fun props for the photo booth bus provided by Brian Schofield. 

Families enjoyed a Saturday afternoon with games, treats, and a photo booth bus

Over the weekend, Trancas Country Market celebrated moms in Malibu with an evening of complimentary treats, a fun photo booth bus, and games with their little ones.

“Mother’s Day is literally a reflection of the best day of my life — becoming a mom,” Hayley Carling said. “You think about the day you gave birth.”

Carling said she loves going to the beach, going to the playground, shopping, and “doing all the girly things” with her three-year-old daughter Lily. 

“And eating cupcakes!” she added. 

Carling and her daughter enjoyed the playground at Trancas Country Market, blowing bubbles and checking out the table full of sweet treats. 

03 Mothers Day at Trancas Country Market SamBravo
Lily, 3, and Hayley Carling enjoy play time at Trancas Country Market on Saturday, May 11, during the Mother’s Day event at the shopping center. Photos by Samantha Bravo/TMT.

“It’s very special, it’s very cool to have things like this for the little ones to enjoy and adults walk around and see how much fun the little ones are having. It’s making everyone smile, so we love that,” she said. “We’re a small community, so it’s really fun to have events like this.” 

Founder and CEO of Global Branding Central Marc Appelbaum has been organizing all the events at Trancas Country Market and was excited to have visitors enjoy the MaliBus photo booth.

“It’s moms day, so we want to celebrate the moms and all the mothers out there, so we have some treats, we have some pictures with the MaliBus photo booth that they’re going to be giving away for free, and a ton of games and just letting people have fun,” Appelbaum said. 

After playtime and complimentary treats, families enjoyed picking out fun props for the photo booth bus provided by Brian Schofield. 

Schofield said visitors also enjoyed the photo booth bus on March 9 for the 10th anniversary of Vintage Grocers.

Appelbaum said despite the difficulties with permits, he hopes to bring people to the shopping center.

“That’s what we’re trying to do, keep people coming around, keep building it out,” he said. “Unfortunately with these weathers, we haven’t had consistent sunny days, but everyone that does come around, there’s always something for them. Everyone does enjoy it. We just want people to come out more often and see all the different changes — there’s new stores coming and going so it’s always a fun place.”

Appelbaum said the next event he has planned is “Dad’s Day on the Green” on June 15 and “Summer Dream on the Green” on July 13. To see upcoming events, follow the shopping center on Instagram @trancascountrymarket. 

“Malibu is such a small community so everyone does support,” he said. “We do get a lot of foot traction, so it’s great to have the families that come out of town here and having something to do, but the more that people follow us on social media and see these events, it’s great.”