The following incidents were reported between Oct. 24 to Nov. 1


Vehicle theft
A vehicle parked near Malibu Lagoon was broken into and ransacked. An iPhone, wallet, and $50 in cash was stolen. The victim left the key on the hood of the car, and when they returned, the key was missing and their vehicle was ransacked. The victim said they received a notification that a $3,748 charge was made at a Best Buy in West Hollywood and a $5,598 made at a Nordstrom in Los Angeles. There were no cameras available for evidence.

Petty Theft
A jacket worth $500 was stolen from a visitor dining at Nobu Malibu. The victim said they were having dinner with a group of friends, went outside, and when they returned to their table, their jacket was missing. The security footage showed the suspect picking up the jacket and walking out of the restaurant and out of view.

A vehicle parked near Tuna Canyon Road was broken into, and the driver-side window was smashed. The window was estimated to cost $1,000 to repair. There were no cameras available for evidence.

A vehicle parked near Mulholland Highway was broken into and ransacked. The victim’s wallet, an iPhone, and $120 in cash were stolen. The victim left his keys in a plastic bag nearby, went surfing, and upon return, they noticed the keys were missing, and their belongings were taken. The victim received a notification of a purchase made at Bloomingdale’s at the Sherman Oaks Galleria for $30,000. There were no witnesses or security cameras available for evidence.