The following incidents were reported between May 29-June 10



Vehicle burglary

A vehicle parked near Escondido Canyon Trails was broken into and ransacked. The passenger side window was shattered, and the victim’s wallet and miscellaneous credit cards were stolen. The victim received an alert of an unauthorized charge of $646 at a Target in Santa Monica. The window was estimated to cost $400 to repair. 


Vehicle Burglary

A vehicle parked near Nicholas Canyon Beach was broken into and ransacked. The victim left his belongings and car key at the beach while surfing and upon return the key was missing and his vehicle was ransacked. The victim said his cellphone, Apple Airpods, and $45 in cash were stolen. The victim said the suspect used the key card to gain access to the vehicle. The victim said that his credit card was being used at various locations, and all were declined except for a $3,000 charge at Nordstrom. There was no damage made to the vehicle.


Petty Theft

A wallet was stolen from a victim while shopping at the Ralphs on Malibu Road. The victim was unable to locate their wallet at the store, returned home to look for her wallet, and was still unable to locate it. The victim then received a notification of a $4,500 cash withdrawal from Citi Bank. The deputy asked the manager to upload the camera footage for evidence. 



A vehicle parked in the Escondido Falls Trailhead parking lot was broken into and ransacked. The victim noticed the front passenger window had been smashed and a designer purse was stolen. The victim’s purse contained $100 in cash and a pair of Apple Airpods. There were no security cameras available for evidence. 


Credit theft

A vehicle parked near Leo Carillo State Beach was broken into and ransacked. The victim saw the shattered glass and was trying to locate his wallet under the driver’s seat but was unable to. The victim received an unknown charge on his Navy Federal credit card. The window was estimated to cost $300 to repair.