The following incidents were reported between Feb. 26 to March 6


A business near La Costa Beach was broken into and a laptop worth $692 was stolen. The store owner said her extra set of keys were also stolen. There were no security cameras available for evidence.

Petty Theft
Amazon packages were stolen from a home near Escondido Beach Road. The victim said two suspects were seen walking up his property, grabbing the packages and placing them in their vehicle. The suspects drove off in a 2006 Chrysler Aspen vehicle.

A motorcycle parked at the Malibu Country Mart was vandalized and miscellaneous tools worth $321 were stolen from the seat. The victim said he parked his motorcycle, went into a store nearby and upon return, he noticed the seat of the motorcycle had been removed and left on the floor near the bike. The victim said there was no damage made to the seat or lock mechanism.

Mail theft
A mailbox on Latigo Canyon Road was damaged and the victim’s mail was stolen. There were no security cameras that recorded the incident for evidence.

Vehicle theft
A designer purse worth $10,000 and designer glasses worth $2,000 were stolen from a vehicle parked on Malibu Road. The victim was notified of a $1,600 purchase in Westland Village and $1,200 cash withdrawal.

Grand theft
Two designer bags worth $3,200 were stolen from a vehicle parked near Malibu Lagoon State Beach. The victim left his rental vehicle unlocked by mistake and upon return, the vehicle was broken into and ransacked. There were no witnesses or security cameras available for evidence.