The following incidents we’re reported between Aug. 23 to Aug. 31


The following incidents were reported between Aug. 23- Aug. 31


Grand Theft

A vehicle parked near Nobu Malibu was broken into and the catalytic converter was stolen. The converter was estimated to cost $2,000 to replace.


Petty theft

An estimated $525 worth of merchandise was stolen from Ranch at the Pier store on the Malibu Pier. The store manager noticed the missing items and reviewed the store security cameras, and said the suspect was described as 50 to 60 years old.



A vehicle parked near Las Flores Canyon Road was broken into and ransacked. The victim’s purse, which contained her passport and multiple credit cards, was stolen from under the front passenger seat. The shattered window was estimated to cost $200 to repair. There were no security cameras available for evidence.



An iPhone worth $1,200, $100 in cash, and multiple credit cards were stolen from a vehicle parked on Pacific Coast Highway and Mulholland Highway. The victim received multiple notifications of an estimated $11,000 worth of fraudulent charges made at a Costco in Canoga Park.


Petty Theft

A vehicle parked on Malibu Road was broken into, and a woman’s wallet and $200 in cash were stolen. The victim received multiple notifications of credit cards attempts in the area of Santa Monica. The victim was able to contact her bank, and the purchases were declined.



An iPhone worth $1,000, wallet, and Jeep Wrangler key fob were stolen from a vehicle parked near Topanga State Beach. The victim received a notification of a purchase of $8,815 made at an Apple Store in Sherman Oaks and $4,631 made at a Nordstrom in Los Angeles. The key fob was estimated to cost $500 to replace.