Santa’s reindeer visit Malibu Country Mart

Santa's reindeer, Winter, 5, and Frosty, 2, were delighting children and families last week at Malibu Country Mart for the holiday season. Photos by Samantha Bravo/TMT

Families enjoyed a free Photo Booth with Santa and Mrs. Claus and learned a thing or two about reindeer 

The Malibu Country Mart held a series of holiday events for the entire family to enjoy, including a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus, holiday carolers, and a visit from two of Santa’s reindeer, Winter, 5, and Frosty, 2. 

Families and visitors were delighted for the second annual Malibu Locals Night with complimentary treats and drinks. 

The shopping center held three separate dates, on Sunday, Dec. 3, Wednesday, Dec. 13, and Saturday, Dec. 16. 

Carolers also brought smiles and Christmas cheer to visitors while they shopped around for Christmas presents. 

While families waited in line to take their photos with Santa and Mrs. Claus, Melanie Hroziencik was answering questions about reindeer. 

17 Reindeer at Malibu Country Mart SamBravo
The Malibu Country Mart held a series of holiday events for the entire family to enjoy including a photo booth with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

“Yes! That’s real reindeer, I’m pinching you,” she said while people smiled and took photos of Winter and Frosty from outside the gate. 

“We’re here introducing reindeer and showing that reindeer are real and they’re beautiful animals that are really wonderful, they’re not petting zoo animals, and they do deserve our respect and our adoration and I love seeing first timers see the reindeer,” Hroziencik said. 

While the reindeer were safe inside the gate, visitors were able to feed them graham crackers, their favorite treats. Hroziencik was with California Reindeer Rentals and is a registered veterinarian technician. 

“We care for these animals, we take good care of them; we introduce people to animals so they can respect animals and they can keep on living,” she said.

While people weren’t able to touch the reindeer antlers, Hroziencik brought an antler that had fallen off so people could touch and feel. Hroziencik said it’s common for reindeer to shed their antlers; they immediately start growing new ones. 

“People may say this is cruel, but we’re introducing people to animals so they can learn how to respect them and help keep them going, we need to love them and appreciate them, otherwise they won’t be here anymore,” she said. 

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