Rafi Lounge NFT: Members-only Web3 Lounge Offers Free Week to Locals


Ahead of its November 11 mint of the lifetime NFT membership, Rafi Lounge opens doors to locals for opportunity to experience the lounge

Rafi Lounge NFT is the world’s first members-only Web3 lounge, with a goal to create a common ground for the Web3 meets Wellness community. Founded in  2020, Rafi Lounge has since then accumulated 100+ members of high net worth individuals/leaders, entrepreneurs, models, and celebrities.  All holders will have access to our flagship location in Malibu, either in person or remotely depending on the nft tier that they choose “Mindful” or “Unity,” and all future locations that we will be expanding to. Being a holder not only unlocks access to an exclusive community, but it bridges the lifestyle of work life and wellness,  providing day 1 utility for all holders. For the “Mindful” NFT, holders will have access to a daily co-working space, private cabanas, weekly NFT nights, networking opportunities, wellness experiences and more activities right next to the Malibu Pier with views of the Pacific Ocean.

At this point, you may be asking why is it limited, and what makes it exclusive? How are NFTs and membership models correlated?

NFT-based memberships are exclusive programs that use NFT’s as access keys to unlock a variety of services and rewards. Also known as “NFT token-gating,” these memberships use blockchain technologies to verify ownership of the NFT and grant holders access to whatever member-exclusive perks are being offered.

NFT-based membership programs provide flexibility to the holders.

With the Rafi Lounge NFT you will receive lifetime access to the Rafi Lounge in Malibu, either in person or remotely dependingtier on the NFT Tier that you choose, “Mindful” or “Unity” Tier membership. If you have a Web3 Wallet you can apply for the Rafi Lounge Mint on 11/11 via this link, https://www.premint.xyz/rafilounge/. Or if you don’t have a Web3 wallet then you can apply through this link, www.rafilounge.io/apply.

To view all of Rafi Lounge different NFT tier perks please view – www.rafilounge.io/membership. This page will describe the “Unity” NFT perks, which is meant for people who aren’t located near Rafi Lounge in Malibu, and the “Mindful” NFT perks, which is meant for people who are located within the Los Angeles area.

Experiences included: Meditation, Cycling, Boxing, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Reiki, Yoga, Kundalini, Circuit Training, Salsa Dancing, Ballroom Dancing, Body Sculpting & Booty Workout, Cold Plunge & Ice Bath, Master Classes with Gurus, Sound Bath, Binaural Beats, Oxygen Bar, Breathwork, Stretching Classes, Floor Pilates, Zumba, Aerobic Kickboxing, NFT Workshops, & Wellness Workshops.