One Piece at a Time

The MHS Surfrider Club during the beach clean up on Sunday, Jan. 23. Photo courtesy Jaz Abbey.

Malibu High School Surfrider Foundation has organized a beach-clean up almost every month.  

Throughout the year, the Malibu High School Surfrider Foundation Club has been organizing beach cleanups almost every month. On Sunday, Jan. 23, 13 students collected over 700 pieces of trash at Zuma Beach.

Co-presidents, Jaz Abbey and Eden Amar have led the Surfrider Foundation Club for the past two years and have organized beach cleanups and sustainability events around Malibu. 

“The beach cleanup went very well as we had an excited group of high schoolers. We were able to pick up a lot of trash—771 pieces,” Abbey said in an email to The Malibu Times. “It was inspiring and motivating to see students taking time out of their weekends to help the environment by keeping Zuma Beach clean.”

Abbey said the cleanups are beneficial because they help collect data on which objects are littered the most, to which she said the most common are food wrappers and disposable masks. Abbey encourages others to dispose of them properly. 

“I think that it is important to keep beaches clean so that animals don’t get sick eating trash and so that it doesn’t collect in the ocean,” Abbey said. “We have cleanups about once a month, and our next one will be Saturday, Mar. 5, at 11 a.m. at Zuma Beach. We would love to see more volunteers join us so we can collect a greater amount of rubbish.”

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